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New on Board

New postby Samoastar » 18 Oct 2015, 12:31

this is Don and I want to get some more impressions how to set up my daughter's Playmo collection.

Looks like this is site for this.


Don and Lisa :icon_biggrin:
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Re: New on Board

New postby Chevalier » 18 Oct 2015, 12:57

Hi Dona and Lisa,

welcome on board. Maybe you will share your settings and ideas also with us :-)
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Re: New on Board

New postby Yanndeule » 18 Oct 2015, 14:21

Be welcome on the forum !
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Re: New on Board

New postby F_steve » 18 Oct 2015, 15:28

Welcome on board Lisa and Don ;-)

I wish you both a lot of fun here.

Friendly Steve
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Re: New on Board

New postby Klickycolonia » 19 Oct 2015, 08:04

Hi Dona and Lisa.
Welcome on TJ Forum.
A good time for you and hopely a lot Pictures of your playmo.
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Re: New on Board

New postby ToysR4grownups » 23 Oct 2015, 16:56

Hello Don & Lisa,

It is nice to meet you and I wish you a warm welcome here.
There is plenty of pictures on this forum for inspiration. What
themes does your daughter collect? We would love to see some
pictures when you are finished.

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Re: New on Board

New postby Playmovictorian » 08 Nov 2015, 04:03

A very warm welcome to you both Don & Lisa :icon_biggrin:

We look forward to discovering your passion and avatar :dom01winner:

Have fun !
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