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Are some figurines and accessories similar as PLAYMOBIL®

made in Turkey???

At a time when I give this information, there is virtually no documentation on production "Pilsan" or on the Internet or in books. All informations gathered on this page need to be verified, but they are already the result of a long but exciting research. 

"Pilsan" comes from Turkey where the figurines and accessories are commonly called "Minimekanik" and even today the authentic Playmobil® toys seem to be called out there that way (at least on Internet sites).
Some boxes "Mini Mekanik” named "Mekanik Oyun" which could translated to "Mechanics Game" in english. The old boxes are very similar to the Playmobil® boxes. I let you show an example below. Playmobil® Licensed Turkish (?). 
From the documentation I could gather so far, including many photos, it is permissible to say that the sets "Mini Mekanik", are some of those produced by Playmobil ® between 1974 and 1981 at least.

The 3 types of boxes
Type 1: It includes the earliest boxes. They are much like Playmobil® boxes but do not have the Playmobil® brand. The figures and accessories are almost perfect copies of the original models Playmobil®. See example below.

Type 2: It includes a boxes such as type 1, but the design of figurines were drastically changed. Accessories are often near perfect copies of the originals, only the color varies.
See example below.


Type 3: It includes the rest of the production. Often red, a packaging has evolved over time to the present and have been rejuvenated. Only accessories are copies of Playmobil® models. Example below. 

The themes are mostly are...
Sheriff Office (Sherif Ofisi)
Pilsan Hotel (Pilsan Otel)
Western House
Blue soldiers
Cowboy Coach
Indians (canoe, titi, etc.)
Red stagecoach
Ranch coach
Farm Coach
Fort North with “Head Quater” (Kuzey kalesi)
Animals (cows, horses, etc.)
Les animaux, vaches, veaux,...

Civil themes:
Fireman car
Police car
Hospital Team

Space Dozer
Space Dramel
Space Truck



There are two types of figurines. The first was contained in the boxes can be manufactured under license Playmobil®(?). It look exactly like the German figures. The second is more subtle and very different, but the accessories still suit him perfectly.

The major features of the figurines "Pilsan"(first model), are the plastic more flexible, but also the eyes and mouth widened in the face and filled with black plastic. These pieces stand often out reported over time and leave these empty parts.
The hands of the figures are fixed as those created by Playmobil® in the '70s. The system of internal articulation is also identical. The bottom of the feet is smooth and their shape is the same as those manufactured by Playmobil®. Cons by the hair has a specific shape (see photos). 
Horses have a swivel head and a specific form even if it takes the proportions of horses Playmobil®. They are commonly white or black. The saddle can be red or orange. Cows and dale have exactly the same design as those created by Playmobil®, it can be brown, black or cream.
The colors are varied. The accessories are molded in colored plastic highly variable. The harness horses are often yellow. Shells and guns are red floss.

By the "knight", the accessories are red flags, shields (adorned with a crown and molded into the ground). Crowns and helmets are silver, also stained the ground.

For different vehicles (trucks, guns, stagecoach, etc. ...), the wheels are either cream or black. The design and proportions are the same as Playmobil®.

What I could see they were very similar to packaging of Playmobil® for the oldest. Newer models are quite differents (MISB).
The production seems to have stopped. The products is not manufactured under license Playmobil®.

"Pilsan" still exists today and manufactures plastic toys large and more.

Writed 22.10.2009 (Last Updated: 01/18/2011)


Autor note: This side was only possible with the wonderful help of Aeedis and Supermarines, a great collectors to Turkey).

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The logos of the first boxes "Mini Mekanik" Pilsan.

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